Fairy Tale Performances

Some of The Storycrafters' favorite stories to tell are fairy tales. Rollicking, lyrical, and mysterious, fairy tales are building blocks of human oral literacy, with a long and complex history. The Storycrafters have made a long and comprehensive study of the fairy tale, its history, development, sociology and psychology. They are renowned for their workshops, college courses, and school residencies exploring the fairy tale. The Storycrafters apply their many layers of knowledge and performance techniques to the classic story structure of fairy tales to give a 'true fairy tale experience' to all who hear them tell them.

The Storycrafters tell fairy tales in both classic re-told versions, and in updated, 'fractured' versions. These can be combined in performances of fairy tales, or included in other performances. Available stories include:

Classically re-told, musically accompanied versions:

Fractured versions: