NY State Historical Folklore

Just right for 4th Grade Social Studies curriculum! The Storycrafters present a survey of NY State history, from Native American cultures through European settlement of NY State, using stories, songs, and artifacts of the period. The stories are related, in discussion, to various aspects of NY State history curriculum, standard in 4th grade classrooms.

The NY State Historical Folklore presentations can follow one of two formats:

Format 1 - In-class performance & discussion:

The Storycrafters visit individual 4th grade classrooms, telling the stories and presenting historical context for each tale. In discussion, The Storycrafters review with the students what they have learned in NY State history curriculum, and enhance material already learned with further detail and examples of Native and Settler experience of the time period. Presentation length - 1 hour in each classroom (can be doubled-up classes)

Format 2 - Assembly with follow-up workshops:

The Storycrafters present a large performance assembly to all of the 4th grade classrooms together, in which they perform an extensive array of stories and songs from NY State historical folklore. Then, in follow-up workshops given in individual classes, the stories are discussed in their historical context, and related writing and language arts exercises are explored and tried by the students. A cross-curricular extravaganza, tieing together social studies, ELA, and writing curriculum. Presentation length: Assembly - 60 minutes, Workshops - 45-60 minutes.

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. The children loved your storytelling and singing. When the other fourth grade teachers told me what a treat it was to have you, they were right!!! I think the kids learned a lot and so did I. Your presentation aligned perfectly with our curriculum and gave the children a new perspective on folk tales and tall tales. As a follow up we wrote our own folk tales, which came out fantastic, thanks to your inspiration. I look forward to seeing you again next year. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon and for being so accommodating in scheduling your visit." Okte Elementary School, Clifton Park NY