PARP/RIF/Literacy Performances

The Storycrafters have done literally hundreds of PARP, RIF, & literacy program performances and workshops over the years. The relationship between storytelling (oral literacy) and reading (written literacy) is direct and documented, and the resulting interest in reading and writing after Storycrafters visits has proven the adage again and again.

There are several ways to approach integrating The Storycrafters into a PARP program:

Assembly Programs

Storycrafters PARP assemblies are tailored to do two things:

  1. Excite students about the world of stories, characters, and themes that can be found in books.
  2. Build students' enthusiasm about the PARP program and its thematic content.

The Storycrafters have been involved in many thematic presentations based on PARP programs. Story choices are made to meet the themes and the ages of students at the assembly presentations. The Storycrafters can help you plan your PARP program in advance, using themes and activities that they have seen in other schools. Or, if you already have a theme in mind, The Storycrafters can put together a program to meet your PARP program's theme.

Family Concerts

Reading as a family activity is an important building block to student literacy and enthusiasm about reading. Family concerts during a PARP program focus families on the activity and help to get everyone excited about the goals of the program, resulting in increased participation and program success.

The Storycrafters are nationally renowned family performers, and family concerts are some of their favorite performance situations. The Storycrafters present stories and songs to families and give many ideas for ways that families can play with stories and storytelling at home, with the goal of making reading, telling, and creating stories a fun at-home family activity.

Assembly/Concert Combo

Combining school assemblies and a family concert is a time-tested, highly successful approach to building enthusiasm and momentum in a PARP program. Here's how it works:

  1. School assemblies and an evening family concert are planned for the same day, and a flier is sent home in advance with students announcing the day.
  2. In the assemblies, The Storycrafters mention the family concert, and invite students to come back that evening with their families for more stories.
  3. Family concert is planned for 6:30 or 7:00 PM at the school.

Experience has shown that the enthusiasm built in the assemblies has resulted in a very large turnout for the evening event, and a huge boost to PARP participation. It's a 'win' all the way around!


Storytelling workshops and residencies are an excellent extension during PARP and literacy programs. In workshops, students are encouraged to make the connections between storytelling, reading, and creative writing. For more detailed info about storytelling workshops, visit The Storycrafters workshop and residency description pages.