A Guide to Remixing & Reinventing Stories

Our 2018 Book Release!

"Award-winning tandem storytellers Jeri Burns and Barry Marshall invite you into their artful world of "Storytwisting" and share their secrets for storytelling success. Carefully researched and deeply personal, this is an educational masterpiece designed for anyone who loves storytelling."

- Dr. Gwendolyn Nowlan, professor emeritus of Library and Info Science, Southern CT State University

"'How do they do that?!' ... Wonders anyone who has ever heard The Storycrafters tell their twisted tales in concert. This book provides the answer, taking you deep into their storytwisting magic, peeling back the layers of thought, research, creativity, and craft that produce their entrancing and thought-provoking stories. Jeri and Barry explore their process step by step, illustrated with clear and relevant examples that will inspire many a twisted tale. This is a generous gift to storytellers, teachers, and lovers of story."

- Sherry Norfolk, storyteller and author of 'Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom'

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