Storytelling Apprenticeship

Turn your school into another world from times of olde, when storytellers joined guilds, practiced their craft, then wandered from village to village sharing their taleswith all who lived there.

The Storycrafters work intensively with small groups of students, developing their skills as storytellers, and preparing them for classroom performances in younger classes in the school.


Skills include:

• story-learning
• understanding story structure
• storytelling techniques
• descriptive language
• audience participation
• listening and critiquing skills.


On the last day of the residency, student tellers go, in groups of four, to younger classrooms in the school and tell their tales to small groups of students in the classes. Storytellers perform for one quarter of a classroom at a time, allowing student tellers who would be uncomfortable performing in a large assembly the chance to experience being a storyteller. Younger students get to hear four different storytellers, and tellers get to tell their tales four times, allowing them the chance to retry and improve upon their work each time.



Other options for this residency can include:
• Visits to nursing homes, hospitals, & other possible community venues
• ‘Coffeehouse’ style presentation of stories to classmates
• Recording and production of a cd of students’ stories.




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