Character Education Performances

Stories have been used as building blocks for character and moral development throughout recorded history. The Storycrafters have made extensive study of the relationship between storytelling and Character Education. They have taught teachers and librarians about the relationship through the 'Art of the Oral Tradition' program at SCSU in New Haven, CT.

In school performances, The Storycrafters present world folktales carefully crafted to present the pillars of Character Education to students. The stories are presented in The Storycrafters' award-winning, musical and participatory style, giving students important themes to think about and discuss, all the while being entertained by the presentation. Performances can be tailored to focus on one or another Character Education 'Pillar', or can be an overview of several, touched upon in the stories chosen for the performance as pre-arranged with the sponsor of the event.

Multicultural Education Performances

What better way to learn about the differences and similarities between the cultures of the world than through their stories and songs? The Storycrafters tell stories from many parts of the world, enhanced with the musical instruments, music, songs, and dance of the world regions.

Storycrafters Multicultural Education Performances can be tailored to focus on particular regions and/or cultures, or be presented as a 'world hopping' overview of several. Or, if you are looking for a truly in-depth multicultural experience for your students, consider The Storycrafters 'World Hop' residency, in which we take a child's eye view of specific world regional cultures, through the stories, songs, dances, and children's games of the world. You can read more about that experience on our 'Residency' page.