"Fairy Tales" Residency


Come with The Storycrafters into the world of the fairy tale. The Storycrafters are authorities on the historical and social development of the fairy tale, and have presented performances, workshops, and in-depth classes on them to students of all ages, from elementary to graduate school. Fairy tale residencies can dove-tail very well with elementary school writing curriculum, as we explore the characters, settings, motifs, and morals of the fairy tale structure.

Fairy tales are the building blocks of written literature and knowledge of them is critical to modern popular cultural literacy. The Storycrafters can present fairy tales in performance assemblies to enhance curriculum, or in workshops in which students learn about the structures, characters, and motifs of classic fairy tales.

Following the performances of fairy tales, in classroom workshops, students discover the elements of the fairy tale. Then they create their own original fairy tales and learn to tell them, or to act them out in creative dramatics fashion. Students can also develop picture books of their original fairy tale creations. A perfect match and complement to elementary school fairy tale curriculum!