Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling workshops are a great way to introduce students to the artform of storytelling, its tools, methods, and uses. The Storycrafters present workshops to all ages, using playful exercises and enthralling demonstration to give children a deeper understanding of their own powers of communication




Grades K-3

"The Languages of the Storyteller"

Storytellers use a variety of methods to orally present stories and images. Through playful exercises, demonstration, and discussion, k-2 students are presented with the tools of language, gesture, expression, and tonality as ways to express themselves, with the fully-realized imagination as the 'construction manager' to guide them and gives them the food they need to create fabulous story worlds.



Grades 4-8

"The Imagination Expression Connection"

The imagination is something that we all have heard of, but few of us really understand the full power of the imaginative tool that we carry inside of us. Through a series of exercises developed exclusively by The Storycrafters, gr. 3-6 students are introduced to the world of the imagination in a way they have not experienced before, and are shown how to use that power in their own creative expression. Subsequent to the discovery, students explore their expressive powers in relation to the imagination, in exercises designed to relate the imagination to creative writing and public speaking.



4th Grade Social Studies

"NY State Historical Folklore"

A program specifically to meet NY State 4th grade social studies curriculum. For more about this unique program, click here.






"Building a Storytelling Tradition at Home"

Storytelling as an activity in the home has many purposes: It helps build relationships; it establishes and enhances playful communication; it develops language in children; it creates interactive alternatives to a preponderance of visual media and stimulation in the modern world. The Storycrafters share a host of storytelling games and activities that can be done in the home, in the car, at bedtime, at the dinner table, just about anywhere. There are so many ways to play with stories. Try a few on for size. We're sure they'll stick. Just ask our son...