"The World Hop" Residency


Take your class on a child’s-eye-view experience of world cultures!! Barry & Jeri spend 45-60 minutes a day in each of up to four classrooms, for several days, each day focusing on a different world culture. We will share stories, songs, music, dance and children’s games from that culture, all along the way relating cultural and social information in “homeopathic doses” to the students as they play, listen, and sing along with us.

Over the days we spend with the students, we will compare and contrast the cultures, exploring the diversity and universals amongst the world’s peoples.

Our current repertoire of cultures for The World Hop Residency includes African, Asian, Brazilian, British Isles, Native American, & non-native American cultures. Other cultures can be developed at a school’s request, with a minimum 2(two) months advance notice.


“The Storycrafters are instrumental in the study of different cultures. They offer an enjoyable and participatory experience in cultures that are studied in third grade. The students are fully engaged in dance, songs, games, storytelling, and traditions as they gain a respect and appreciation for cultural diversity.”

3rd Grade Teacher Evaluation
Duanesburg Elem. School
Delanson, NY