Storycrafters Residencies

There is no better way to infuse your students with enthusiasm for storytelling and creativity than with a Storycrafters arts-in-education residency. When The Storycrafters come to a school for multiple days or weeks, students and teachers alike catch the 'fever' of storytelling and its many uses in the classroom, in the library, at home, and in day-to-day life. Residencies are created in close consultation with sponsoring schools, PTA's, and faculties. Below you can read about some of the highly successful residency models that we are asked to do in schools, sometimes annually, as they become a 'school tradition' that is loved and looked forward to by everyone involved.


Storytelling Apprenticeship (gr. 4 & up)




Fairy Tales (gr. K-3)




The World Hop (gr. K-3)






The Wandering Storycrafters (all grades)






Classics with a Twist (gr. 3 & up)







Old Time Radio Show (gr. 5 & up)